Marketers phone calls bother everybody, aren't they?
Now, the are mostly computer generated, and they call you despite you registered your number(s) on National Do Not Call List.
What amazes me more than anything in these calls is the beginning of that call:
"Please, stop what you are doing and listen to this message".
I disconnect as soon as I hear this. And I am sure that most people do the same.
But every time I hang up after this message I think about that person or group of people in marketing industry who created that stupid, idiotic phrase hoping that it will catch attention.
Not somebody's, but those in a group of their interest they want to sell something to. What a bad idea! Isn't it?

* * *
There is another issue of direct marketing phone callers I am witnessing for decades.
A live caller who tries to to sell you something over the phone starts from asking you questions about your family, about your dreams and other personal stuff instead of going straight to the point of that phone call.
I understand: they want to get closer to your heart and sole. But actually they are pushing me away. Possibly even from a product or service I would get interested.
Years ago, I spent some time to talk to callers about their really stupid texts they memorized before placing phone calls.
I told them: there are a lot of busy people who will prefer short conversation. Please, tell me in three sentences what you offer, and if you catch my attention, maybe, I will be ready to hear details.
They tried... Nobody managed to do what I asked. Reason: they just know nothing about a product or service they promote. They need your attention to start and finish their memorized monologue and then... To get your credit card number or to become disappointed by your refusal.
Recently, I got a call from a young but experienced telemarketer who started from far away. I stopped him and asked to tell me whatever he wanted to tell me but as if he was calling his father.
He said: "Ok. Sorry..." - and... disconnected.
So, they aware that they do stupid things indeed, but continue to do it just because somebody behind this industry told them to do so and they get paid for this.

* * *
This part of my notes is about general attitude, cultural and educational level of those who calls on behalf of marketing industry.
Many of them are not native English language speakers. But even those who speaks English only do not show good manner and appropriate level of education and culture.
Their biggest problem is greeting their potential consumers. They just don't care how they greet a person they call to.
Ok, let's put aside "Hi" or "What's up". I can accept whichever word they use.
What is unacceptable is pronouncing a name of a person you are calling. If you are aware that you have no idea how to pronounce a person's name, why are you calling and don't even bother to ask for an excuse?
I asked many of them: "If you can't even read my name, why are you calling me? How can you be sure that you will sell me anything while demonstrating disrespect toward me?"
Of course, they had no answer. I heard "Sorry" just from a few of them. That was it!
Meanwhile, there was one interesting situation. I took a call from a young marketing lady who could not pronounce my name, and I lectured her like this: "You'd better learn how to read my name before placing this call". The conversation was over.
An hour later, I picked up another call, and it was she calling me again and perfectly (sic) pronouncing my name. I was amazed. So, they can do it!
Since then, I got an idea to offer telemarketing industry a service: send us a list of customers you are planning to call, and for an affordable fee we will record correct readings of all foreign names you have difficulties to manage.
We don't promote this service that much, but it is still available for those interested to improve their marketing culture.

* * *
I have no statistics about telemarketing effectiveness to compare with other form of direct marketing; they continue to place calls - so, it might be paying back.
Because for most of us these calls are not welcome, I believe that the National Do Not Call List invented by the federal government is not enough.
They continue to call anyway. They improved this business by computerizing it. They don't try to get your attention by talking to you politely, etc.
They already demand your atrocities, they order you to "stop what you are doing" and listen to them. No matter whether you are busy or not, whether you are in good mood or bad, whether you feel good or are sick... They just don't care.
If so, they have to be responsible for taking your time, making you irritated, and since they are now allowed to call cellular phone numbers - taking money from those who have to pay for each incoming call.
There should be effective criminal punishment for telemarketers placing unwanted calls.


Post-Soviet Style of Doing Business in the US

We have received to the inbox of one of Ukraina, Inc pages a message from somebody named "Stanislav Pavlovich" in Chicago, Illinois with the following:

"Hi! If you can make your own re-post or write a news. "UKRAINIAN" EVENING BOXING IN MD. MGM Harbor should be yellow and blue."

A link was attached to the message taking a reader to a post in Facebook announcing with large (capital) letters:


There was information about sell out of tickets to a not cheap event in a very expensive facility - casino. And obviously messenger  was in search of advantage of free advertising regarding services promising a very good profit.

Because it is allowed to visitors to post anything without limitations in a visitors section of our page (no information from that section appears on the page wall), Ukraina, Inc page admin sent the petitioner the following response:

"You can post on a page for visitors on your own. We re-post commercial advertisement for a fee. See more : and

Such response did not satisfy the write, he clearly wanted us to post for free his info on our front page and so, he insisted:

"And it is NOT commerce, I am not the manager) Tickets are selling out like hotcakes anyway. 100% Sold Out. Just wanted that the hall was crowded more by Ukrainian than American fans. The event symbolic."

Although "Stanislav Pavlovich" actually just confirmed commercial nature of his request, he was explained once again:

"It is written,""TICKETS FOR SALE ARE AVAILABLE". There would be no sale - there would be no commerce."

After this message he wrote that he was "not understood", and not just withdrew, but blocked himself off.

* * *
Why am I writing all this?

This is about the culture of doing business and respect for others who engaged in the same thing in the market.

We have a situation when a representative of an entity definitely engaged in commercial activities, by the way also very successful, in seeking opportunities to place commercial ads free of charge expecting to profit from selling more expensive tickets for very popular event.

Turning to other business structures (we pryhovuyemoho our commercial activities), representative of "Freestuff" promotion of his work is clearly trying to increase their profits at the expense of others.

And it is - very unfortunate, because in a way representative of the business with Ukrainian roots actually spoil their reputation, and simultaneously creates a not very attractive impression of the soviet way of doing business Ukrainian diaspora.

Trying to save on unethical promotion of their services on the United States market, post-Soviet business person can earn a few extra bucks, but also he/she discredits other businesses with Ukrainian roots and, of course, Ukrainian diaspora in general.

A situation like this, of course, very affect businesses of Ukrainian Diaspora who are doing their best to cooperate effectively with US business and maintain a high ranking in the market for their services.

In this connection with this, I would like to share a positive experience of cooperation with an US company, which organizes various activities related to multi-ethnic life of the US capital.

Whenever any of their actions get in touch with Ukrainian community or other Central and Eastern European communities, they turn to us for help in spreading their information to communities we work with, and each time they pay for our services in accordance with our agreement.

It is very nice to work with businesses such open to mutually beneficial cooperation: they use our services, and we earn money in the field, which is one of the areas of our business.

Бізнес по-совковому в США

На скриньку однієї із сторінок компанії Ukraїna, Inc надійшло повідомлення від якогось "Станислава Павловича" з Чикаго, Іліной такого змісту:

"Вітаю! Якщо можете зробіть репост або від себе напишіть новину. «УКРАЇНСЬКИЙ» ВЕЧІР БОКСУ В MD. MGM Харбор повинен бути жовто-блакитний".

До повідомлення було додано посилання на оголошення у ФБ, в якому великими (прописними) літерами написано:


Відтак ішлося про продаж квитків на недешевий захід у вельми дорогому закладі - казино. І прохач явно шукав можливості безкоштовного розміщення реклами на послугу з перспективою доброго навару.

Оскільки наша сторінка дозволяє постити будь-що і без обмежень у розділі для відвідувачів (правда, інформація не появляється у стрічці новин), від менеджменту Ukraina, Inc прохачеві було надіслано таку відповідь:

"Ви можете постити на сторінці для відвідувачів самі. Ми перепощуємо комерційні оголошення на платній основі. Дет. див: та".

Така відповідь його не задовільнила, він явно хотів задурно потрапити у стрічку новин сторінки і тому він наполягав на своєму:

"Та це НЕ комерція, я не менеджер) Квитки і так розходяться як гарячі пиріжки. 100% Sold Out. Просто хотілося, щоб в залі було більше українців ніж уболівальників американця. Подія знакова".

Хоч "Станислав Павлович" лише підтвердив комерційний характер його прохання, йому ще раз пояснили:

"Там написано: "поступили в продаж квитки". Не було  б продажу - не було б і комерції".

Після цього він відписався, що його "не зрозуміли", і не просто ретирувався, а забарикадувався (заблокувався).

* * *
Навіщо я про все це пишу?
Йдеться про культуру ведення бізнесу й повагу до інших, хто так само займається ділом на ринку послуг.

Маємо ситуацію, коли представник структури, яка явно займається комерційною діяльністю, та ще й вельми успішною, вишукує можливостей "на халяву" розмістити комерційні оголошення з метою побільшити прибутки з продажу більшої кількості квитків на дуже популярний захід.

Звертаючись до іншої комерційної структури (ми не приховуємого комерційного характеру нашої діяльності), представник "халявного" просування свого діла явно намагається примножити свої прибутки за рахунок інших.

І це - дуже сумно, оскільки у такий спосіб представник бізнесу з українським корінням фактично псує своє реноме, а заодно формує не вельми привабливе враження від совкового способу ведення бізнесу українською діаспорою.

Намагаючись заощадити на неетичному просуванні своїх послуг на теренах США, совок може заробити собі кілька додаткових баксів, але водночас він дискредитує інші бізнеси з українським корінням і зрештою й усю українську діаспору в цілому.

Через отакі ситуації, ясна річ, дуже потерпають бізнеси української діаспори, які роблять усе для того, щоб плідно співпрацювати з американськими бізнесами й підтримувати високий рейтинг на ринку своїх послуг.

У цьому зв'язку хотілося б
поділитися позитивним досвідом співпраці з американською компанією, яка займається організацію різноманітних заходів, пов'язаних із поліетнічним життям столиці США.

Кожного разу, коли якийсь із їхніх заходів торкається української громади чи інших центрально- та східноєвропейських громад, вони звертаються до нас із проханням допомогти поширити їхню інформацію в громадах, з якими ми працюємо, і кожного разу оплачують наші послуги відповідно до нашої домовленості.

З такими відкритими до взаємовигідної співпраці малими бізнесами й приватними підприємствами приємно мати справу: вони користуються нашими послугами, ми ж заробляємо кошти у царині, яка є одним зі напрямів нашої діяльності.